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The SStar program at Specialized Speech Technologies, Inc. allows us to recognize our outstanding patients who work hard at therapy every week.  Every month our therapists nominate a patient they feel has worked exceptionally hard in sessions with them, and also has had perfect attendance for the past month.


We also have a Staff SSTar that we feature every quarter.  This allows us to appreceiate excellence within our staff as well as gives the families a chance to get to know us a little better!


So, without futher ado, I present our SStars for this month.....

SST Stars!!!

Steven C.


Congratulations to Steven C.!!

Our Spotlight SSTAR!

Congratulations to Steven for being selected as our final SSTAR of 2015! Miss Allie has been very impressed with the “hard work and positive attitude” Steven brings to both his 1:1 and group sessions! Furthermore, Miss Allie states “Steven is imaginative, creative, and rambunctious. He is a very sweet boy who loves to play pretend with his f...riends in the group. His ability to see something and imagine it is something else is excellent! Steven is active and enjoys jumping on the trampoline, rolling in the roller, and bouncing. He likes board games and apps on the iPad. He has a goofy personality and he loves to make people laugh.”
Great job, Steven!


Nine year old, Steven, is a soccer star in the making! According to our SSTAR of the month, “soccer” is the sport he likes to play! During his school day, Steven also states “recess” is his favorite thing to do. Chances are, he is probably playing soccer during recess! Steven also enjoys the animal exploration show, “Wild Kratts.” Steven is a proud big brother to his little brother, Daniel. It is obvious how much Steven cares for his brother, even during his therapy sessions. Miss Allie states, “He has a little brother that he loves very much and enjoys playing with.” Over the holidays, Steven will have the opportunity to visit with his cousins! If Steven was to win one million dollars, he would use the money to “buy Legos!” Well, hopefully he won’t have to wait for a winning lotto ticket! If mom was to describe Steven in one word, the word she would choose is, “kind.” “Steven is very kind to everyone.”
That definitely sounds like a boy who has made the “nice” list!


Congratulations Steven & Happy Holidays!

Miss Julia



Spotlight on Miss Julia!
Our Spotlight Staff SSTAR!


With the start of the 2015-2016 school year fast approaching, we thought it appropriate to shine the SST Spotlight on a very special therapist who has proudly represented Specialized Speech Technologies, Inc. within one of our local school contracts. Occupational Therapist, Julia Lawson, started in the schools just one year ago and has already made an immeasurable impact. During her initial few months, Miss Julia was approached by the Director of Special Education with the daunting task of transforming a small, unorganized storage room into a functional Sensory Room. According to Miss Julia, “the budget was very low and I had to do a lot of research on Pintrest!” Well, her “pinning” more than paid off. Within a few short weeks, Miss Julia managed to convert the unused storage room into a well-designed and highly efficient Sensory Room. Her hard work did not go unnoticed. The Director of Special Education has been overheard “bragging about it all over the district” and has described the new Sensory Room as “fabulous!” Furthermore, she states the Sensory Room “is something we have wanted for a long time and Julia made it a reality.” Miss Julia also recognized the contribution she made to the school district. “I see other therapists bringing kids to this room for therapy and I am incredibly proud. I was a lot more creative than I thought possible.”
An Ohio native, Miss Julia was born and raised in Canal Winchester. She originally started her college career as a Business major at Capital University. “I was initially pushed in that direction because a lot of people assumed a degree in Business would suit my Type A personality.” However, Miss Julia quickly realized that was not the path for her. She went to see her mother for advice. “At the time, my mom was working at Nationwide Children’s and she was the one who recommended I shadow in pediatric therapy. I was completely hooked. The rest is history!” Miss Julia went on to receive her Undergraduate degree from Capital University and her Masters from the University of Findlay. As an Occupational Therapist, Miss Julia feels very fortunate to work within the school setting. “I love the population and variety in the kids I see each and every day. I have the opportunity to treat pre-kindergartners, all the way up to the high school.” Regardless of age, Miss Julia approaches each child she treats with the same philosophy. “You have to establish a friendship and a rapport with each child. There has to be a sense of respect and understanding. Until that is established, I cannot expect them to want to work with me and meet my goals.” It is that mentality that makes Julia such a valued therapist… and all-around amazing person!
However, we are not the only ones to think highly of Miss Julia! This October, Miss Julia will say “I do” to her fiancé and high school sweetheart, Trent Nutter. “We have been together for a decade and we couldn’t be more thrilled to start this new chapter in our lives!” The two will marry and honeymoon in Outer Banks, NC amongst family and friends.
Way to go, Miss Julia and here is to great school year!

And Congratulations to Julia and Trent!
Here is to a BEAUTIFUL WEDDING and a LIFETIME of happiness together!!!

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