Endorsed as an  Orofacial Myologist

- Dr. James Gilsdorf, DDS, MS, ABO

- Dr. James T Hutta, DDS, PC     (www.huttasmiles.com)

- Dr. James Homon, DDS, MS    (www.drhomon.com)

- Dr. Larry Hutta, DDS, PC         (www.smilewithstyle.com)

- Dr. Steven Emrich, DDS          (www.emrichdds.com)

- Dr. Jenny Maple                      (www.straightsmile.com)

- Dr. W. Charles Buchsieb        (www.ohio4smiles.com)

Here at Specialized Speech Technologies, Inc. we love our patients and their families!  It is so rewarding to be able to build a close relationship with our clients.  There are not enough words to express our appreciation to them for choosing us to be a part of their lives.


Thank You!

Adult DD Workshops

Early Intervention

Speech Therapy

Oral Motor Exercises

Would you recommend SST as a reputable contract therapy agency?

"Yes. SST's commitment to excellence is without a doubt a top priority."

- Lisa McCarty, Early Intervention Manager

Easterseals Central and Southeast Ohio, Inc.

SST's biggest strength is "Their professionalism, and knowledge of their specialty. They work well with our children, buy into our philosophy of behavior management and encouraging independence, and seem to enjoy being part of the building community. I appreciate their flexibility."

-Laura Skidmore, Director

Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center

"Camille is wonderful! She is great with our kids, their families and our staff! She is very student-centered, is a great therapist and is always willing to go the extra mile for her students and families."

Madeline Partlow, PhD.

Director of Student Services

"The SST staff is kind, caring, compassionate, helpful and understanding of my son's special needs."

-Kim Rozgo- parent

"Allie has been a good source of detailed information after each session which helps us practice at home."

-Ruth Ann McDermott- grandparent

"His school therapist said he made phenomenal progress in a short amount of time."

-Jill French- parent

"Melanie has been working with our clients for the past year and during that time they've made great progress. She is superb technically but more importantly she has great rapport with the people we serve. I would give her my highest recommendation."

- Mark Coale - Program Manager


"Melanie has been a pleasure to work with over the past 3 1/2 years and has been a "team player" with other colleagues. She can manage a wide variety of disorders from pediatric to geriatric clients."

- Mary Mason- Speech Pathologist


"Melanie is good with Quentin. She works hard and doesn't get upset or angry with him. Quentin thinks the world of her and loves to see her."

- Jennifer Mitchell- parent


"Melanie is wonderful about letting me know how Christian is doing. Paperwork is always done that day that clearly states progress and future therapy needs."

- Nicole Albright- parent


"Melanie is wonderful!"

- Anita Hajivandi - parent


"I liked my therapist very much. One of the best therapists I have known."

- Harold E. Wilcox - client


"(My daughter's) tongue thrust problem ended over 7-8 sessions"

- Sonya - parent


"It (Myofunctional Therapy) enabled her to meet her goal of having her braces removed."

- Brenda Gibson - parent


"We enjoy working with you and the program was easily adapted to our schedule."

- Wendy - parent


"My teeth were shifting after two sets of braces. I was unaware of my habit until the orthodontist suggested that I see a therapist. (I began to stop the habit) in a few months."

- Susanne - client



"We cannot say enough positive, complimentary words for the entire staff at Specialized Speech Technologies.  We love them all and they are the best!  The most professional group around!"

- Kimberly Boles


"I thought the services were great for my child. It seemed like play (based therapy) for him ....was appropriate"

- Anonymous Parent


"No more tongue thrust! Thanks, Melanie"

- S.M.

"My husband and I are extremely pleased. Melanie is very dedicated to teaching us and to helping us get our daughter to where she needs to be in order to feel confident in her abilities to speak clearly"

- W.H. and H.H.

"My son likes to work with Melanie and I know that he is getting good services in therapy"

- K.D.


"Melanie is very patient (with my daughter)"

- M.H.


"The notes you (Melanie) mailed, the ability to call and check with you...all the personal touches made this program successful for Tricia. Thank you!"

- Amy Jones - parent


"I didn't come into this specialized therapy for the tongue with a positive attitude. I never had a therapist before I got braces. But it has been a real eye opener and I am thankful you (Melanie) are there to help Nikki."

- Cathy Hymes - parent


"I was unaware of such a thing as a Tongue Thrust until taking Andrew to the orthodontist at which time the film I was shown gave proof of this. It has really made a difference in Andrew's habits. I was really wondering how this type of thing would work, but it does! Thank You!"

- Dana - parent



Families and Patients who would positively recommend Specialized Speech Technologies:

- Marilyn Schwarzkopf

- Mrs. Payton

- Brenda Gibson

- Stacey Snyder

- Kristie Bridgeman

- Emily Gerber

- Amanda Ingram

- Devonie Gossett

- Dawn Kneessi

- Mrs. Mazzocco

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